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Blog offline

  1. For some reason i cant seem to access my blog or the admin section of my blog for editing. Its completely non existent. It shows in the my blogs thing but when i click it i just get the "Server not found" in firefox.

    Any ideas whats going on?

  2. I've never had this happen. What happens when you try to get in using Internet Explorer or some other browser?

  3. Ive just tried internet explorer and it has the exact same problem. It basically claims the page doesnt exist. I read an old post about someone messing with dns zones but im guessing that isnt the problem here.

    It may be a temporary problem on my end with my connection or something, ill wait until morning and then reset the connection on my router

  4. if your blog is mrpanic.worpress I was able to pull it up;

    maybe clear your cache & cookies, refresh your browser w/ Ctrl F5, also try a different browser.

  5. I didnt do anything and its working fine again now. Must have been a temporary problem on my end, thanks for the help anyway!

  6. Congrats BTW on your English Language exam!

  7. great - can you mark the thread "resolved" at the top of the page?
    Happy Blogging!

  8. Actually I would like to take my blog offline ASAP temporarily, pls tell me how - and how to put it back on. Thanks!

  9. @barrysbook - I answered you on the other thread.

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