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    In actuality the blog I need help with is aka, I now find myself with a second same blog that I do not want at which was my attempt to try to just remapp to the first blog. Duh that don’t work.

    when i setup my blog last night at o dark 30, i must have mistyped the email address as I never got an email from WP and when I went back to login I could not get in to the blog. How can I even have an active blog without having verified the email address?

    when I tried to retrieve the user/password I was told it was invalid user or pass.

    I have proof of ownership in that I own the domain and I payed WordPress to have the domain mapped. so now I am caught in some kind

    of limbo of having a blog but not being able to access it.

    Thanks for any help

    The blog I need help with is



    For whatever reason this is happening more and more frequently. I’ll flag this for staff attention, as I think they’re the only ones who can sort it all out.



    The blog you’re referring to was registered to user account brighthousesucks

    Do you have access to this account?

    If not, do you have access to the transaction ID from the receipt of the domain registration?

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