Blog owner has lost log-in information, how can I access their account for them?

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    I was asked to redo someone else’s blog. We want to keep the blog address, but they don’t have *ANY* of their log-in information (the person who built the blog left without leaving any instructions and the owner doesn’t even know which email address they currently use for the blog). The blog is (NOT THE BLOG LISTED BELOW). Is there any way you can resend their log-in information to whatever email address you might have on file for them? Thanks and feel free to get back to me with any questions.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Here at the person who registered the username account and then registered the blog under of it is the owner of the blog and that’s who Staff communicate with. In order to help that person get access to their blog Staff need one of the following things in order to correctly identify them as the blog owner:

    1. an email from the email address associated with the account or revealing what that associated email address was

    2. the API key for the account. This was included in the welcome email with a note to keep it safe.

    3. if any upgrades were purchased for the blog a transaction number

    Please have the person who registered the blog in question post here and let us know whether or not they have any of those three.



    The comments are set to Moderate so somewhere there is a comment in the inbox of the email for that blog – also @macmanx (staff) has a link to a bit more help with lost log-in’s – but sorry I can’t remember it so I will flag this for his attention



    macmanx states they can no longer give email hints.



    Morning Morning @TT

    I know about the email hints no longer being allowed – but he has posted a link to a page that does have a bit more info on it and questions that only someone that was active in a blog would know – so it looks like a bit of flexibility but I don’t know if I could answer the questions for my own blog – so that might not help the OP – but it is a small thread of hope for them – I also was able to send an email to the blog email account by posting a comment – don’t know if that will help either but a small try – I have seen the user name I think given a few times –

    No matter what the OP has an uphill push on any of the lost access things – has to be a better way for this



    The blog is owned by the user performancewellness

    If you have lost access to your account, please visit and click “Need More Help?” if necessary.

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