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    I want to show the images on the front page panel. I also don’t understand why my blog page look different, when selected for dashboard and on the actual site.
    From the dashboard the page displays all post scrolling down. However , on the site only one show and the header image does not show.

    The blog I need help with is




    With the Pique theme applied, if the blog page is assigned as one of the panels on the static front page, then the featured images set on the posts will not be displayed in the panel. The Pique theme guide and the Pique demo provide examples of how a blog page panel will look on the static front page. The three posts with the most recent publish dates will be displayed in the panel. On larger screens the three will display horizontally in a row. On smaller screens they’ll be stacked vertically.

    The appearance of posts in your dashboard is not meant to represent how they will be displayed on the site. The preview at Customize better represents what a visitor will see.

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