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blog page as front page - an awkward dilemma!

  1. This question is a variation on the 'static/blog' front page question. I know that in the "settings > reading" section you can select a static front page with a separate blog posts page, which I want to do (I think it's much clearer when the blog posts are attached to a specific page), but I still want the blog posts page to be the front page of the site. Is this possible?

    Hope this makes sense!


  2. I'm sorry I don't follow. You seem to want your front page to be a static page and a blog page, which is a contradiction!

  3. Apologies, I was afraid my explanation wasn't very good! I would like to create a 'blog' page for my posts, so I can add it to the other menu items, which would then read something like this:

    blog | about us | what we do | contact us

    this can be done in the settings>reading section, which is great. However, I still want the 'blog' page to be the front page of my site, so its the first thing people see when they visit.

    Hope this clarifies things!

    Many thanks for your prompt response,


  4. All you need to do is create a custom menu and have the first menu item as your blog address ( ) and the name "blog" or "home".

  5. That's great, thank you so much for your help.

    On the settings>reading section I chose 'static front page' but left it at 'select' instead of choosing a front page. Then I went into the appearance>menus section and did as you suggested, putting blog to the top of the list of menu items, and it works pretty well. The only issue is when you first visit the site, the blog menu item isn't highlighted so a visitor wouldn't necessarily know they are on the blog page, but I can live with that!

    Thanks again for your prompt response!


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