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    When scrolling down through my blog, it jumps from page 5 to page 11 (jumps from July 2010 to Feb 2006). Happens with Infinite Scroll on or off. Oddly enough, if I’m previewing my blog in a new theme, all the posts are there!

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s strange and I tagged this thread for Staff to follow-up on what you have reported. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    Hi there,

    We’re currently looking into this issue and should have an update for you shortly.



    Not the timestamp after all … I edited the 00:00:00 timestamps and it still doesn’t work correctly. Next up is to debug how it loads each post content, because if I show just titles (hiding the content) it works flawlessly.

    Seems to be unrelated to the theme; I tried with Twenty Twelve and the posts older than August 2012 didn’t load at all.


    Thanks for all the follow ups thus far.



    Yep, this is a weird one! We’ll keep you posted.

    One question: did you import older posts from another place originally? The ones not loading are from 2010 and earlier, and had the same 00:00:00 timestamp for the post date.


    Hi, yes I did. It was from an old MySpace blog. I have the xml file I used to import it if you’d like.



    Yes, that’d be really helpful — even if just to prevent it from happening to someone else in the future. :)

    (I sent you an email.)



    Thanks, received the XML file. We’ll keep testing things, and keep you posted.


    Any luck…?



    Sorry—still working on it. It’s complicated, and the more we dug into it the more issues we found. :(


    Appreciate your efforts!



    Hi there,
    Wanted to check in with you on this, is everything working correctly now? We’ve been making other (unrelated) improvements that I think fixed the issue you had. Thank you.


    Hi, unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be fixed. I scroll down and eventually it’ll stop at page 5 when there are more page beyond that.

    Appreciate your ongoing help on this…



    :( We’ll keep investigating.

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