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Blog pages show at most setting

  1. When I set the "Blog pages show at most" settings to 1, my blog still shows 2 posts on the frontpage. Is it possible to just show one post on the first page, and nothing else?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there. You didn't provide a link to the blog in question starting with http:// so I cannot answer you. There is a theme that display two posts on the front page and that cannot be changed. However, until you post the link to the blog in question I have zero to work with.

  3. I just read a bunch of threads and I think I found your blog. Id this it? If so it's wearing the Inove theme and I just set my test blog to display only 1 page in the same theme with no problem.

    > Settings > Reading
    scroll down and change the number to one (1) on the following line and then click "Save Changes".

    Blog pages show at most ___ posts

  4. And if it's that blog, the latest post has been erroneously marked as a sticky. Sticky posts override the "show at most" setting.

  5. Ahh...That explains it! Is there anyway to make the sticky post the only post on the frontpage?

  6. Not as far as I know, and it would kill your blog stone dead if you did it. Literally everyone coming to your blog would think you never posted anything new.

  7. I'm with raincoaster on this. In fact I just blogged about it here

    The bottom line: Don't do it unless you don't care about increasing traffic to it, and could care less about Google juice, or PageRank.

  8. Ah, you COULD make a static PAGE. I'd forgotten about that. But yes, it has all those drawbacks.

  9. @rhpt
    You had the blog set to display only one post. You had two posts and one was a sticky post. Maybe when you create a sticky post the software doesn't count it and therefore displays the sticky plus one post.

  10. @rhpt
    I just went to my test blog which is also using the Inove theme. I created a sticky post and set the blog to display only one post like I explained here

    Guess what? It's only displaying the sticky post so that shoots the theory of the software not recognizing a sticky post and counting it in goes out the window. If you have set your blog up correctly to display only one post and you are getting two then I think we can conclude that you need Staff to intervene and sort this for you.

  11. @timethief: It's not a theory! Back when the sticky option was more prominent and lots of new bloggers marked all posts as stickies (misunderstanding what "stick to front page" means), I had seen several blogs with 30 or so posts on the front page (with the show-at-most option set to 10). You didn't get the effect because you stickied a newly created post: try making an older post sticky and see what happens.

  12. Ahhh ... thanks for chiming in - noted. :)

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