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"Blog pages show at most" setting is not working as before

  1. I set the "Blog pages show at most" value to 3 but when I load my front page it shows more than 5 posts and when I scroll down it continues loading posts until all available posts are loaded and the page becomes almost endless. It wasn't like that some time ago. Is there any way I can restore the old behavior of my front page when it showed only the number of post I want and the readers must click "next" to load the next page?
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  2. Thank you very much. I don't know how i missed this option in the settings menu. Anyway it just makes things a little less annoying but there is still no "next page" type of links. Now I got "load more posts" link which adds more posts to the same page. I chose 3 posts per page so each click adds 3 more. After some time users end up with skyscraper type of page which I don't like at all. I know that most of todays computers and hand-held devices have enough resources to support this without any problem but this is not the point. I believe there are many more people like me who prefer the old style. This function seems useful for pages which are updated very often but not all are like this.
    I see that WP wants for some unknown reason to force its users to this infinite scrolling and there are more people who don't want it just like me. So let's hope that WP will eventually listen to their users and stop forcing them on something they obviously don't want to use.
    I don't use my page as standard blog but more like web site so one day I just might stop using the latest posts front page style and create my own home page containing exactly what i want.

    Thanks again and have a nice day!

  3. Disabling" the infinite scroll feature to get rid of the pop-up in the footer results in a "Load More Posts" tab, and you can't disable that "Load More Posts" tab from appearing, without the Custom Design upgrade.

  4. Well, if this is a way of making people purchase Custom Design option just to use the normal WP appearance as before is not looking good to me. It is obvious that many people don't like this infinite scrolling thing so why don't they make the old style available to users as well? Also Custom Design option costs 30USD/year which is too much for me since I was paying less for hosting of my own web site with its own domain and larger disk space. I prefer using WP because it is easier to manage.

  5. I'm sorry but the way it is is the way it is.

  6. I know. I've seen this kind of doing things in many other web sites and real life as well. It is something like "I like this so all others have to like it because they will not have any choice". Anyway I'm staying with WP for now. It is still the best solution for my needs at the moment.

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