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Blog pages show at most setting not working?

  1. Hi guys I logged into my blog this morning to make a post and noticed that it now displays a infinite amount of posts on my front page. I went to my Settings-->Reading--->Blog pages show at most --> And set it to 5 pages and saved my settings again but with no luck. I have cleared my browsers and tested this with both Firefox and Internet Explorer, I am currently using Chrome.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am experiencing the same issue. Any advice would be appreciated...

  3. I am using the twenty ten theme as soon as I change to another theme it seems to work fine, but that does not really help because my whole blog is build around that theme....

  4. Check the sticky post about infinite scrolling at the top of the page ...

  5. Where is the sticky post located?

  6. At the tip of the main forum page. Sorry can't link. On phone posting this

  7. Teamoyeniyi is referring to this post:

  8. Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven are currently the only themes with this "feature" which cannot be turned off. Your bottom bar is simple gone on your blogging page. It's available on category and archive pages.

  9. And your stats are messed up as each time the new "feature" scrolls you get a new home page view.

  10. This "infinite scrolling" must be a joke! It just does not work, to many posts on one page, loading times increasing and all my widgets in the footer became useless. Please, can we change this back or at least have an option to turn this off. Thanks

  11. Link to the sticky post on this issue that Staff have affixed to the top of the forum >

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