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  1. So I am not trying to be smart alec here but I do have a question that I hope someone can answer about my blog, "American Liberal Times" on

    The question: "How is it that my free blog on blogger (The Liming Liberal Democrat) gets like 350-700 hits a day on my stats tracker from as many as 21 countries around the world and my paid blog (American Liberal Times) only seems to plod along with 8, 11, 40 hits a day from as few as two countries?

    Is it something I have not done? Is it something I have done wrong? Do other people have the problem? Is it, in fact even a problem or am I getting paranoid?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As another Blogger blogger, I know that the inbuilt Blogger stats are well-nigh useless. They show your own pageviews as well as getting a lot of hits from referrer spam. On Blogger I rely on 3rd party counters which always show a much lower rate of hits.

  3. Without the URLs, we can only take wild guesses. We need the URLs, starting with http, and we need to know how old each blog is.

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