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    I changed my blog picture several days ago, but the new one is still not showing up. Is there an unusual delay right now?

    The blog I need help with is


    What is the blog picture supposed to look like? I’m seeing a darkish image with something white or lighter grayish in the center, like possibly a flower. Is that the old one or the new one?

    It can take up to 24 hours but typically not longer. Some browsers will not update blog pictures (blavatars/favicons) until the browser cache has been cleared.

    Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and then visit your blog and see if it does not update.


    Sorry, I should have said I had already tried clearing the cache. I still see one of the Identicons, but apparently you are seeing what should be there … a white rose on a black background, though by your description it’s not displaying correctly. I have viewed this on four different computers and they all show the Identicon instead of my Blavatar.


    If you are using Internet Explorer – and the other computers were also – then that can be an issue. IE from has been notoriously bad with updating favicons. It could also be in a proxy server somewhere on the internet in between you and wordpress where the proxy has not updated the blavatar.

    The problem is that the image is so tiny that virtually all detail gets lost. Favicons simply cannot have much detail due to their size.


    Hi, I am also having with my blog picture not showing. I see it in the “settings” menu where i uploaded it, but I only see the generated purple icon everywhere else. I have a mac and am using firefox…not sure how to clear the cache.

    Thank you




    How long ago did you upload your Avatar ?

    It can take up to 24hrs to propagate through the servers


    I think about a week ago!



    Okay I suggest pointing your browser at → and see if that fixes the image issue.


    Great, thanks for such a fast reply! Your advice was right on the money.


    @happbendgirl, are you talking about your Gravatar that shows here in the forums and with your comments or are you talking about the Blog picture that will show up next to your URL in browser address bars and tabs?



    She was talking about her Gravatar it didn’t take the first time it was a default generic purple star.

    You’re welcome Happybengirl, = )



    I had an old blog picture and uploaded a new one. But the new one is not showing anywhere, it shows up in Settings > General. Please help…



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    What exactly are we supposed to be seeing, and where?
    Your gravatar/avatar looks like a wide-eyed smily face on a stick figure here on the forums.
    For your blavatar, I see a sort of greenish oval thing with whitish or yellowish marks on it, and greyish, or maybe greenish, blurred letters under it.



    It seems that you are seeing the right picture, but obviously the blog picture is too small for writing…

    I will change it to a simple picture and see if that makes a difference.



    By the way, I am still seeing the old blog picture, so I am not sure how YOU are seeing it…



    I have changed the blog picture and now it should be a white ‘S’ on a blue oval.


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    I think it takes a while for gravatars and blavatars to update on servers and technical stuff I don’t really understand.

    I’m still seeing the greenish oval thing now, not a white ‘S’ on a blue oval, but give it some time before you change anything. A day or so. And you might clear your browser’s cache and cookies, log out, re-start browser and log in again (or check your blog without logging in again) to see it it has changed.

    That blog picture is really tiny so your picture has to be very simple and graphic to be recognizable. It took me several tries to get mine to be clear enough. Sorry I don’t remember anymore how long I waited between the revisions.



    Pleace, I don’t know, why add a counter,



    Could you clarify? I can’t understand that.

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