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  1. I uploading my first blog picture/icon in the general settings tab. Immediately upon uploading it I realised that it was not suitable so I removed the first image and uploaded a second image. I was happy with this second image and chose to keep it.

    When I refreshed my browser this new image was already showing on the FireFox Tabs and in the address bar; however the image showing in the WordPress toolbar on the top of the page remained as the first image. I have given it 24 hours now and cleared my cache, but the problem remains the same.

    The first image has been deleted from my wordpress files so I do not understand why it is persisting in the wordpress toolbar whilst elsewhere the new image is showing.

    If anyone could offer a suggestion to solve this I would appreciate it very much! Thank You :-)
    Blog url:

  2. The images are cached and it takes a couple of days or longer until they caches are flushed we see them change. The first place we see the change seems to be here in the forums.

  3. Try pressing CTRL + F5. This should reload everything that is stored in the server on the webpage.

  4. Thank you for your replies.

    I will continue to wait and hope it changes in the WordPress browser of it's own accord!

    Unfortunately CTRL + F5 did not work on this occasion.

    The change was immediate in the Firefox browser and Firefox address bar, appearing on all tabs etc. But not on the WordPress site itself. Why is that?

  5. the image showing in the WordPress toolbar on the top of the page remained as the first image

    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  6. Thank you, timethief!

  7. I see an orange-ish sun shining through some branches. Is that what we should be seeing?

  8. Yes! This is also what I see everywhere except for as the image next to the name of my blog in the wordpress toolbar on the top of each page..

  9. Do you mean the admin bar, where your name is also listed off to the right, or your browser's URL/Address bar?

  10. I mean the admin bar. In my browser's URL/address bar the correct image is showing.

  11. Have you tried clearing your browser's cache?

    If that doesn't work, try logging out, then log in again.

  12. Yes I have tried both these things. It did not resolve the problem.

  13. Hm, that's rather odd. Is the blog's name correct?

  14. It is odd! Yes the blog's name is correct. I also tried removing the correct image and then uploading it again but that didn't help either.

  15. Hm, I'm just not seeing the issue, even when under your account. Would you please check in a different browser, like Chrome or IE 9?

  16. I downloaded and installed Chrome and logged in with Chrome. The issue is the same there except for my blog icon does not appear in the URL as it does with Firefox: the correct image appears in the browser tab, a black and white planet appears in the URL/address bar, and the wrong image appears in the WordPress admin bar.

  17. I have uploaded an image of how it appears to me in both browsers so you can see what I am talking about!

    If ineeded, the password is 'blavatar'.

  18. Hm, here's what I'm seeing:

    At this point, I'd have to suggest that there's some additional going on on your end.

    I've checked in three different browsers on two computers and Mobile Safari on my iPhone and iPad, and all display the correct blavatar.

  19. It's very strange.

    I have also checked on three different browsers, logged in and logged out and cleared the cache.

    I receved an email from WordPress saying that there was an item in my shopping cart. As I did not want this item I followed the link to remove it. On that WordPress store page, the blavatar in the admin bar was displayed correctly and when I navigated to my blog via that page it continued to be displayed correctly. However if I go to my blog any other way than via that email the gravatar is displayed incorrectly!

    As I have no idea what is causing it or how to rectify I will just have to leave it I suppose!

    Thank you very much for your time and efforts to help.

  20. Hello again

    I just wanted to say that the 'problem' is still persisting.

    The only time that correct blavatar shows in the admin bar is if I go to the WordPress store?!! If I then navigate away from the store via the dashboard the icon remains correctly displayed. But the instant that I view or preview a post, go to my blog via "my blogs", or open my blog in a new window then the blavatar returns to the wrong image.

    I have a secondary blog and there are no problems at all with the blavatar there.

    If it is "some additional going on" on my end as you say, I would really appreciate if if someone could suggest what that might me and how to resolve it!

    Thank you again

  21. Also, If I hover the mouse over my name and Gravatar on the right hand side of the admin bar, the incorrect icon is displayed!

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