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Blog Plagiarism

  1. :) Thanks sulz for the respond

  2. no problem. hope it helped. =)

  3. The one thing you can sue is on copyright issues of ill intent.
    Pictures or your articles are protected by copyright.

    But of cos, that depends on how the items are used.

    In blogs, if he/she purposely deletes your complains, there is an obvious mens rea for a case.
    You should try again, and if he/she deletes proving malice, you can write to its host or send your lawyers in.



  4. Good point.
    Thanks for the information Scope.


  5. Hi Clavius!

    You are welcomed.

    If got time, I'd write something about online copyright issues in my blog, because as an online Graphic Artist cum hobbyist, I am also involved somehow in this field.

    But you have to understand that while justice could be on your side, the court decisions could be dependent on governments, connections and so on. So when you sue someone for copyright, you have to really assert a case is valid in the first place.

    But if someone use your pics as it is and the purpose is illegal, you can sue, or not depending on your fancy. The penalty is about S$10,000 max, so I found out. The purpose is an important concern, by right.

    There is an issue you need to understand as well: You cannot sue a copyright infrignment if the other party is a government using it for state purposes, or that fella is a diploma enjoying immunity.

    Because if you sue someone, with you taking the initiative, you'd have proven a good stance on your case, but if you lose, you'd become a 'disturbing' party. And the other party can make claims on you for (eg) threatening him and impose pressures and such.

    Ok. Basically, it depends really on the government, hence courts. Like Myanmar court, you have to be careful when you sue the military. Haha... Self-explained. Hope this helps.


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