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Blog Plagiarism - A blog is stealing content from my blog.

  1. The blog in question is and it is currently stealing lots of articles, images and screenshots from my blog. When I mean stealing, I mean completely lifting complete passages and images without any credit whatsoever.

    I've contacted the author but he seem to respond. What can I do? Can suspend his account?

  2. You need to send a feedback from your dashboard to WordPress, and it's best if you give specific examples; ie "I posted THIS CONTENT at 3:00 and he posted this identical stuff at 5:30 HERE" that kind of thing, URLs included. They take copyright VERY seriously at WordPress, and your mention that a WordPress blogger is stealing the content will put this at the top of their list to investigate.

  3. Violation of ToS, para 5. The other blog can be deleted for doing this. Include that and I would say action will be quick - once support wakes back up.

  4. oops - missed the closing tag on the a href. Sorry.

  5. This is the kind of thing support pays attention to even on the weekends. Best of luck!

  6. I fixed your link ozrisk. @redelephant, If staff haven't responded by Monday morning, send in a feedback on this issue.


  7. had ads.
    It's been nuked and IF it returns it will be without any ads and have 100% original content.

  8. Just wanna say .. thanks mark, and everyone who helped. It's been traumatizing to see content I've spent dozens of hours writing get stolen and I'm glad the matter has been taken care so swiftly.


  9. copywriting?

  10. If you wirte something stupid and they copy it and they paste it everyone will say its wrong ;)

    Hope this helps

  11. Ironically, I find them every once in awhile, but my wife posted something about the Stella awards with no reference to anything but what was said and here is someone who re-posted the post and added their anti-american flare above it.....*sigh*


  12. Has been happening to me, support says they cannot do anything about it, but take a look here

  13. Sadly this isn't news to us. If you do a forum search for "bitacle" and "blog scrapers" you will find that something like 700 of Robert Scoble's posts and several hundred of Lorelle's posts were scraped. This is not to mention all the other bloggers who had their contact likewise "scraped".

  14. how can i search to make sure none of my blog's content has been stolen? is checking via enough to ensure that?

  15. I know there is a 'feed' copyright plugin for normal blogs that Lorelle talks about on her blog, but that is a tough one for guess checking incoming links is the best way (as that is how I find them). As well, do google searches for multiple words from your posts so it narrows the search i guess!


  16. @samureye
    Here's the link to Lorelle's post on what to do if you do discover someone has been stealing your blog content

  17. trent: thanks for the suggestion. i don't mind the links, because that means they're acknowledging that i'm the author, isn't it?

  18. I guess so ;) I personally don't mind people doing that either, but I guess I don't think anyway would want to steal my content! If they did, I would hope that a google search and would be my go to things! lol


  19. Make sure you add a Creative Commons License to copywrite your material.

    Then if you see someone stealing from you, remind them in their comments that they are committing a crime. This has worked every time it has happened to me.

    Good luck

  20. ah good tip brentroos.

  21. Well, since the material is published in the US it's copyrighted whether you have a CC badge or not, but it does look more official that way.

    There have been reports from good sources that repeatedly clicking on their ad links without buying anything gets these blog scrapers in deep doo-doo with Adsense, and can result in the killing of their contracts and thus their reason for stealing in the first place.

  22. I think it's generally good practice to add a CC license to your blog anyway. It's free, so why not? And there are different licenses to choose from. You can observe the benefits at their way sharp looking website.

  23. Yes, I'd like to see that CC-install here at Tagging each blog with the badge automatically would be a good step.

  24. raincoaster,
    The problem would be that there are several differing licenses. I have one on my blog (an Attribution Share Alike 2.5) but others may be happy to put it out there as license free, while still others may choose more restricitve licenses.
    I think the only way to do it might be via a dedicated widget that allows each user to select the particular license they require.
    Should we ask for such a widget?

  25. Yes, that's what I'm getting at. They offer a range of licenses and I'd like to see (and am not the first blogger to suggest) that we could select one of them while setting up our blogs and it would automatically appear on each post. I think there's an old thread around this issue, although whether or not it's called "Copyscape" I don't recall. In any case, staff have requested that we make our widget suggestions and change suggestions through feedback so, having raised the issue here for others to see, that's just what I'll do.

  26. I don't see how it is necessary to add a widget when it is merely a matter of adding a small amount of code.

    If someone wants to do this, I suppose it would be fine, but I do not see it necessary as a widget. I just add the HTML to the text widget. Works fine for me.

    I suppose that if we could have widgets in the footer, then a CC widget would be good for that. Although a text widget in the footer would suffice.

    The point is, we need widgets for the footer and the sidebar.

  27. One of the newer themes actually has a widget area in the footer. I was surprised to see it. It's been suggested before so that folks can do what you suggest like add in links and copyright information.

  28. drmike,
    I take it you mean tarski - and, yes it is useful for just what you say.

  29. Actually that wasn't the one I was thinking of but looks like it does. Thanks for the follow up.

  30. my 2ยข on Tarski's footer: It's clunky. My experience with it was that the widgets you put in the footer stack one on top of the other, just like the sidebar, instead of extending horizontally. Maybe that was just FF on my Mac.

    Anyway, i think the text widget with HTML is sufficient for CC. Why bog down the enhancement list with something that is easily done as is?

    Just my opinon

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