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Blog post dates all mixed up on front page

  1. Hi

    My blog posts were in date order and featured sticky posts which were also in date order (i.e. newest to oldest). Now however I've just viewed my blog and seen that not only are posts from January mixed with February and April etc but the sticky posts have also re-arranged themselves. *so confused*. By blog is date sensitive as it's a sports blog. So I now have posts from January at the top of my blog...then ones from April then back to Febraury then some from whenever really. So my posts now look nonsensical, out of date and messy. I cannot understand why this has happened and everything I've tried in the settings has failed. The only option I can see (which I do not want to do) is to migrate all my posts onto another site - both long and unnecessary considering non of this is through my own doing.

    Any ideas?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. This thread will be moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff will reply to it and the other 2 threads on the issues with this itheme 2 theme.

  3. Ok thank you

  4. I have strong hunch there's something "buggy" going on in that theme. There are 2 other threads on the same theme and one member just gave up waiting and switched themes.

  5. Oh that's a shame, I really liked that theme and the images are custom sized for that theme. So I'll literally have to edit each post one by one.

  6. I wouldn't do that. I would wait for Staff to fix the suspected "bug".

  7. Just noticed that it has also removed post comments. How long do you reckon I should leave it before changing themes? I get a decent amount of views each day and already being emailed about why my blog 'has gone funny'.

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