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Blog Post Disappeared in Publishing

  1. My blog post AutoSaved but disappeared after a glitch in publishing. Why can't I find this as a draft? It disappeared completely. How can I retrieve it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Were you using the New Post button on the grey admin bar? Staff have been tinkering with it, but it's the #1 cause of this.

  3. I didn't think I was but I must have been doing so. Is there any way to retrieve it, even by going through the code databases?

  4. Well, in some rare cases if you haven't closed that tab, you can get it back using the back arrow on the browser. It's rare.

    You might also check the Trash file, if it''s not in Drafts or anywhere on your Posts page.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I had hoped, with all the messing with that button they are doing, they would fix this, the most horrible flaw on all of I never, ever use that button.

  5. I actually made it back and all that was left was the title. :( so terribly sad. Well, if this is the worst of WordPress I'll be okay but I won't ever use that tab again. Thank you so much for your help.

  6. You're welcome. If you tend to write long, complex posts you may want to look at an offline blog editor like Windows Live Writer, which always saves a copy of your post.

    One thing I used to do when this bug was first reported years ago was just before I hit Publish I would click to the Text editor, Copy All, THEN hit Publish. That way if it goes Poof, you can just copy paste it in again. If you make a habit of it every time, you are always safe.

  7. This was the first and only time I haven't done that. 😔
    Such is life, thanks again!

  8. This is the author of Yesterday I created a complete post and today there is no record of it. What is going on?
    Your HELP says go to dashboard>posts> and select TRASH but there is no such option. I cant understand how WP can be so casual about this glitch.

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