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    I’m a wordpress newbie so i’m confused by what’s happening on my blog.
    After i type out my post and click ‘publish’, the post is published and i can click the ‘view post’ link to view what i’ve just typed. But when i go to my main blog page, the first post is still an old post and not the most recent one. And when i logged out and tried to view my blog, it hadn’t updated. So what am i doing wrong?..i’ve tried several combinations of clicking save first and then publish, or publish first and then editing the post and then saving.
    But all my efforts have the same result…my blog doesn’t update my posts.



    please give us a link to your blog so we can see it.




    What browser are you using? I think we had a similar problem a couple of days ago where the user was using Safari. We suggested trying Firefox and the problem went away.


    i’m using Firefox..=)


    oh…i just tried it on safari and its fine…!! thanks!



    Well, there’s a new one! Glad you got it sorted.



    hi I am the same way, it started today help..

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