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  1. I have checked through the forum and support topics and have not been able that I can see to accomplish what I want to do.
    My friend Karyn Bennett "Lizzy Lane Farm"
    blog does this in her side bar #2, she writes a recipe, or craft tutorial, and she some how links the Bog Post to a widget in the side bar, so that you can look down over the recipes and click on the link and go to that page. I have tried several things this morning, the pages widget-does not work, the text widget, that does not work, got it to appear in the side bar under the right heading "Recipes from a Country Kitchen" recipe Cranberry Tapioca, however I highlighted the title of the post Cranberry Tapioca, then went down and pressed "Link" in Visual, I had to copy and past into the Text widget box but it did not create a Hyperlink to the blog post.
    This is what I am asking how to create a Hyperlink from the blog post to the proper widget in the sidebar #2 You can see on her blog where it is for her. ie: recipes, craft tutorials etc.

    thanks for any help you can give.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What you want can be provided by this. Widgets » RSS Widget

    The RSS Widget displays posts from any RSS feed. You might find this handy if you want to show off one of your other blogs, or one of your favorite blogs, in your sidebar.

  3. Thanks that is handy to know but does not answer the question, this is all done within my blog, but thanks because I would like to try that sometime with my other blog.

    Will be anxious to see other responses to the question.

  4. Looks to me she's selecting a category for each link.

    Then in the link widget on the side bar she's selecting only one category of link for each section.

    Then repeating the link widget for each category.

  5. <blockquote. This is what I am asking how to create a Hyperlink from the blog post to the proper widget in the sidebar #2

    What do you mean by "proper widget"? Do you mean you want to create a text widget? If so please see here.

    If you would like to add a link in your sidebar and don’t know how to write HTML code, it is easiest to start a new post (make sure it is empty) and use the editor to create your link.

  6. Thanks rainfox, and tinethief,

    By proper widget, I mean you have like 20 widgets, which one do you pick to do the job, I have not a clue!!! Text, Links, "Proper Widget" which one?

    I just don't know, Karyn told me that it has be so long since she did it that she does not remember how she did it. I am just trying to figure out the whole thing, in recipes I will be posting quite a few soon but want to get this thing figured out before I go any further.

    Thanks, still will see what replies come. however I want to thank both of your for your help. I am sure it is easier than what I am making it I just can't seem to figure it out myself.

  7. You can use widgets as many times as you want in your sidebar.

    I think your friend reuses the "links widget" about 10 times down the side of the page. Each time she specifies a different category for her links.

    If you click on my user name and have a look at the sidebar on my blog you'll see I've used the links widget 3 times, on the sections saying Links, Other Links of Interest and Free Stuff.

    That approach should do what you need it to do on your site.

  8. Sorry I misread and spelled your name wrong last time.

    So this is what I think you are telling me, the section I have in my side bar "Recipes from a a Country Kitchen" is a category even though I did not set it up that way, it is however under Rural Living Catagory/recipes. So I go to the links widget for each post and click that and put in the post title? and then tell it to go to the Recipes section in the side bar?

    I know you can use the same widgets in the side bar many times, I do that with images. Just trying to clarify what you are telling me. I think what you are telling me is coming clearer now than it was before, thanks for your help.

  9. I think its one approach that you can use, might not be the same approach your friend took

    Essentially you'd be creating internal links to your site, with a category for the links.

    So you'd write your post. Copy it's URL and then go to the links section of the dashboard and create a new link, categorised and with the URL of your new post.


    You can also create a text widget in the sidebar and use these short codes but I've never been able to list posts from one category.

  11. Many thanks for your replies, it is becoming clearer as to what to do, my friend is more computer savvy than I am (clearly evident to you I am sure) I like what she does because I think it makes the readers more likely to read old and new posts on the blog.

    You have given me several options now to go forward with and will try them and see what I can do. Thanks so much for your time and patience working with me.

    I will say that it is such a pleasure working in WP, when you have a problem there is always someone there to help you figure it out. It has been a real and true joy working with WP.

    Thanks again for all your help.

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