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    I posted a new blog post on my site Here is the link,

    My blog is set up so the newer blog posts appear on the front page, but this one hasn’t. When I first published the post, I got a “oops, here is nothing here” pop-up, but after refreshing the page the blog post appeared. Does anyone have an idea as to why this is happening?

    I am not the most tech savvy person, so please be a bit more lenient with me. In conjunction, I don’t have any plugins on my site (that I know of), so I’ve seen other people’s posts about blog posts not showing up talking about them.

    The blog I need help with is



    It has now popped up. Guess it was just a time delay. Sorry for posting.



    Hi tomclement1,

    Thank you for contacting the support section, also for your post and that it sorted itself out. Never be sorry for asking questions, were here to help as much as we can and as fast as possible.

    Also awesome site you got there, have played one or two games myself from the pictures that I saw.

    All the best,


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