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Blog post not publishing

  1. For some reason my posts will not publish. When I press the publish button it looks like it's loading but never does. Also, one of my categories is not showing up on my blog. Can someone help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

    What is the URL for your blog? Please post an active link starting with http:// to it.

  3. Yea, I am also been having the same problem the past few days

  4. I can see some HTML errors on your blog. That might be the cause.

    Go to your Dashboard->Settings->Writing and select "Wordpress should correct invalidly nested XHTML" and save. Then go to Dashboard->Posts and set all your most recent posts to Draft. Then make them Public again. That should fix the HTML errors, and that might make the posting issue go away.

  5. I'm having the same issue on both of my blogs. I've done the Cookie Dance and the above suggestion-still no luck.

  6. raincoaster, I did what you instructed and still no change has occurred. I am new to wordpress and don't understand where the webmasters of this site are and why they don't answer any questions! What the hell.

  7. Nothing is working for me today??? I keep getting "done but with
    errors" Screens look different, I can't enter or post? Something is going on

  8. I hit the publish button but nothing happens. My blogs are not publishing. I've been having this problem for several days now. I have several blogs but one is

    How can I get my blogs to publish?

  9. To Raincoaster: I followed what you said to do and marked the XHTML box. When I go back to my posts there is no option to set my posts to draft so I can re-post. What am I missing? My readership is my own personal thing. I am competing with myself each month on number of views, number of new subscribers...I see others are having the same problem, so I am not alone. I read the posts on the forum over the weekend, and right now my frustration level is really high. I have posted 6 posts, none of which have showed up in topics. And my numbers reflect this. Today, I have less than half of what I have been averaging. Why is this happening?

  10. I am also having the same issue and have tried th eabove suggestions. My bog is ... any other ideas as this is frustrating and takes the fun out of blogging if no one can see it. Thanks you :)

  11. To all: What browser and version are you using? If you're using Explorer, download and start using a decent browser: Safari or Firefox.

  12. You can set posts as draft in the bulk post editor. Select all of the posts visible, I think it's 20, and then you have the options to change things.

  13. Thanks for the response Raincoaster. Where is the bulk post editor?

  14. I use Mozilla Firefox.

  15. It's on the Posts page on your dashboard. It's a little fiddly but poke around in it and once they're selected you will have different options. Remember to hit Save down at the bottom of the page.

  16. I see "all," "add," "categories," "tags," and "copy." I do not see anything at the bottom of the page that indicates any options. I do see a writing editor that is asking me to copy a post. I do not want to resend to all the subscribers posts that they have received. I just want my posts to appear on the topics that I choose. If you look up "Life in the Foothills," which is my blog, the latest post using this tag is when the meteor hit in our area. My post this morning was on wildflowers and was listed with a tag "Life in the Foothills." It is not there at last look about 6 hours ago, and I posted this at 6:30 this morning.

  17. Did you select ALL? The options don't appear till you select them.

  18. I do not want to re-post all of the blogs that I have posted. There are no different options. I am really scratching my head here trying to figure this out. I am really good with software but what I am seeing does not offer me any options other than edit, or move to trash.

  19. @babso2you:

    The other members above are complaining that they cannot publish posts. You seem to be complaining about a different issue: that your posts don't show up in the WP Topics pages. Am I right?

    To turn all your latest posts to drafts and back to published, you'd go to Posts > All Posts, click the "Title" rectangle to select all the posts on that screen, select Edit from the Bulk Actions pulldown, click Apply, select Draft from the Status pulldown, click Update, then select Published from the same pulldown and click Update again.

    But you have no reason to do that: if you had HTML errors, the result would be a messed-up blog front (sidebar at the bottom, or posts in the sidebar - that sort of thing). Selecting the auto-correct option then turning your posts to drafts and back to published would correct such a messed-up appearance: it has nothing to do with either the inability to publish posts or the disappearance of your posts from Topics.

  20. @justpi - My posts are not publishing either. In the past when I publish a post using a topics tag, I can go to that topic and see my post. Yesterday I published a post using a tag "Life in the Foothills." Under topics, do a search on Life in the Foothills, and the latest post there is from 2 weeks ago. Not the one I published yesterday. I know my posts are going out to subscribers because my husband subscribes to my blog. Therefore my posts are not showing up to anyone other than those who subscribe. I followed your instructions in the second paragraph, and my article has not published. Thanks for that info. There are no problems with HTML errors.

  21. I wrote the second paragraph to clarify where and how the trick is done. But I also wrote you had no reason to do it, and explained why.

    As for the Topics pages, see here:

  22. You mean after all that, your posts are showing on your blog normally?

  23. My posts never make it out there for others to see. Again - go look at life in the foothills as a topic. My post is from two weeks ago and I just posted to that topic yesterday. It should be there.

  24. @justpi - I have already been to the link you sent. Thanks.

  25. Are the posts visible ON YOUR BLOG?

  26. @rain: yes they are...

    @babso2you: published means appearing on your blog; whether your published posts are included in the Topics pages is a different thing, and it's totally unrelated to the issue reported by the other members on this thread.

  27. Before this last weekend, I would post my blog and go to the topics pages and see it there. So the question is, when I use the most popular tags out there why all of a sudden are my blogs not showing up in topics at all? They used to be there for non-subscribers to find me.

  28. Which is a totally different issue from the one this thread is about. There are literally dozens of threads on the Topic pages issue in the forum right now. Read what staff have said in those.

  29. I think my issue is my posts say the publish, my followers get their e-mail and can see the post, but they do not show up under the topics (i.e. dogs, family, outdoors, etc) under Reader. I found some ideas why this could happen and how to work on that, but have had no luck yet in getting them to show up in the topic.

  30. That is not the problem the original poster was reporting. That is the same issue as baso2you has, which is a bug that staff already know about and at least a hundred people have complained about in the last three days. You can read one or more of their dozens of threads. There is no solution at the moment except to wait.

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