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    I was blogging for about 4 hours and then returned to my computer to find an earlier version from the night before of the post I was working on, instead of the nearly finished post which had taken me all morning to write. I checked all the help forums and after reading, tried the “post revisions” section. The list says that the last autosave revision occurred last night, but there was no record of any auto saves from this morning. This is very frustrating as you can imagine, because I did save the post multiple times during my writing from this morning.

    What I think is odd is that while ALL my writing from this morning has vanished, all the pictures I uploaded to the post are there, complete with titles and everything. So my pictures saved but not my writing? How could this happen?

    Since the post was never published, I am unable to check to see if there’s a cached version of it by searching Google. I believe I have tried everything. Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on maybe what happened.

    I would appreciate any help! Thanks so much!

    The blog I need help with is



    This is a glitch with drafts – keeps being reported ever since the latest major WP updates. Safer method while preparing a new post is to avoid using drafts altogether: write a couple of lines, set the post to private and publish it, continue editing and updating, turn to public when finished.


    I’ve been having the same issue with mine, so thank you, justpi, for the information!



    I have found that the “save draft” rather than the autosave seems to work – though of course I make no warranties.

    I think that if you publish a post as private, then later change it to public,, it will not notify your subscribers or update syndicated sites (facebook etc.). Does anyone know if this is right?



    @luna: You’re welcome.

    @tandava: No. All my posts are published that way but I receive the notifications after I turn them to public.



    Thanks justpi,
    that’s nice to know.

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