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Blog post to subscribers contains "disarmed" in subject line

  1. For some strange reason, one of my subscribers is reporting that my blog post that she receives daily now contains the word "disarmed" in the subject line - this has not happened there some HTML code in my post causing this or is there any way to correct something I am doing wrong? The only image I include is an "" one that enables readers to forward the post to others. I receive a copy of my own post daily and it does NOT appear in MY subject line....

    Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sounds like an antivirus or some other kind of filtering system is intercepting the e-mail, running its check, and tagging it. I've never seen disarmed, but I do see a lot of [SPAM].

    I did a search for disarmed subject line on Google and it looks like a lot of other people have encountered this.

  3. Thanks so much for replying.....this is driving me nuts since there is nothing of any inflammatory nature in my Christian blog ( It is not spam - people choose to subscribe. This subscriber's server or anti-virus program is apparently alerting her to some "danger" that doesn't exist. (She also said other bloggers' messages she receives are now containing the same alert.) I checked GOOGLE and it seems that even an "img" HTML code could cause it.......I'll have to just dismiss it and hope any subscribers with this problem will just ignore it. This is the first "complaint" but I have been getting some "unsubscribers" and now wonder if this is why - they are afraid of a virus that doesn't exist. Thanks again!

  4. It looks like this filter is checking for things in e-mails that send info back to a server like an embedded image or script. The addme thing might be the culprit since it could have that effect.

  5. AHA - I had that suspicion as well.......I think I will delete the "AddMe" feature and just include text stating it is fine to forward the post to others......

    I really appreciate your help.....two minds are better than one - grin!

    Thanks much - have a great day. Peggie

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