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Blog posting via Flickr & free wordpress

  1. Two questions:

    1. Lately I've been having to delete a bunch of garbled code via this post option through the dashboard (doesn't show up on the flickr interface). Is this a flickr interface issue or a wordpress layout deal?

    2. How can I post more than one picture from flickr on one single wordpress post without having to upload images in wordpress?


  2. defrostindoors

    I always get a bunch of what looks like CSS code at the top of any flickr-to-WP post I make, which is highly annoying (along with the spacing HTML it tries to inject into any text you put after the pic). Annoying as hell.

  3. bump

  4. As no volunteer has come up with an answer for you this may time to contact staff.

  5. Right off the bat, don't BUMP threads in the forums as it is wrong and not polite.

    1) It is a Flickr issue because they constantly put in some 'extra' div code specific to Flickr when you post through that interface. No workaround that I am aware of since Flickr does it.....

    2) You can always grab the code at the bottom of your image that has the code to insert a photo into your post that hotlinks the image from Flickr with a link back. Just copying and pasting the code off the image page itself in Flickr, not using the image code from the WordPress editor. I do this often on my blog. The links are then hosted on Flickr and linked to the Flickr photo itself ;)


  6. Hi, can anyone tell me if it's possible to add a second flickr widget to my blog?

    I have one which shows three pictures from my own account but I'd like to add a second flickr widget showing pictures from another account I maintain.

    Thanks very much,


  7. Hey Mark! At the present time I believe you can only have the 1 flickr widget. You could use the RSS widget to at least get the links of the new photos, but not show them in the same way.


  8. Hi Trent,
    Could you please explain #2 in more detail for a newbie?
    Where do I grab the code at the bottom of my image? In flickr?
    TIA for your help!

  9. thestarterwife

    I know that you can "blog" one photo at a time with Flickr and WP, but is there a way to blog an entire Flickr set at once? I know there is a way to do it in MT, but so far have not been able to figure it out on WP.

    This would save us hours a week...

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