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  1. How do I find my blog posts on here once I posted?

    I click on the tags I listed in my blog posts and my posts do not show up with the other posters under the tag?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. On top, you should see "Welcome, (your name)". Click on your name.

  3. Sorry, I read too quickly. I thought you meant your forum threads.

    Have you tried going to Posts > Posts from your dashboard?

  4. My blog posts are listed on my dash board. I just can't find my posts posted on the other webpages for which they are tagged. If I click on or type in Government' orPolitics' my posts are not showing up with the other posts under the tags, and they should be there with the other posters postings.

  5. It takes a few days to start showing up on the global tag pages, usually. As well, the posts are listed in chronological order, so if you posted something a few days ago, it'll be pushed back many pages on the tag pages.

  6. Ok...Thank You. I will keep an eye out for them.

    So, how do people find or view my blog posts I just posted on here now?

  7. Well, this isn't a blog. This is a forum. People can find it through Google or their dashboard.

    I couldn't find separate posts on your blog. I saw only one endless post. How many actual posts do you have on your Dashboard Posts page?

  8. I have seven posts, and they all do show up in one long post seperated only by their titles when I pull them up under read blog. If you click on a title it will pull it up seperate from the others. I fing this set up strang to say the least. It will take time to get use to.

    How would I pull up one of my posts on google?

  9. Well, how long has your blog been around? Is it registered with Google Blogsearch?

    Your front page is so long, and takes so long to load, that it will definitely hurt you with search engines and readers. As well, Google downgrades sites with over a hundred links on a page, and I think you're well past that. You may wish to use the More button to split your content so only an excerpt shows on the front page and the rest can be clicked and read.

  10. Well, I had them posted yesterday, and I deleted all the posts because of problems with the tags and catagories. Also, I could not find them in the postings. I reposted them again some hours ago. What a headache!

    If I edit my posts will they be taken off the webpages where they were posted?

    Also, if the web master does not like what I have to say will they notify me?

    I will try the splitting, and see how it does. I put a lot of work and research into my posts.

  11. No, editing your posts doesn't remove them. Don't post things and then delete them and repost them, because that will confuse search engines.

    If you violate the terms of service, you'll get a note on your Dashboard that you'll see as soon as you sign in. Otherwise, staff won't interfere with your blog.

  12. @zt2012
    Are you aware that the rule of thumb for category and tag use is - less is more? When we assign more that a combined total of about 10 relevant categories and tags to a post those posts are displayed in the global tag pages. When we assign more than that total the posts are not displayed -- period. See here >

    If and when we are so ill advised as to assign the same HUGE block of categories and/or tags to each and every post in our blog you can make money on the fact that the search engine spiders will drop your posts way down the drain into the bottom pages of supplementary search results because you are "spamdexing".

    See here please and recite this mantra" "Less is more. II will use only the minimum number of relevant categories and tags that accurately describe the content in my posts on each post." >

    Hope this helps. :)

  13. RATS! I left out an important word above.

    Edited version: When we assign NO more that a combined total of about 10 relevant categories and tags to a post those posts are displayed in the global tag pages.

  14. Thank you both for the excellent tips. I feel like a jerk. I seem to do things backwards. There is so much to find and read in gets a bit overwhelming. Now I have to edit my catagories and tags. I put on too many because I did not know which ones to use so I picked out a bunch and used them....LOL.

    Thanks again and God Bless....

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