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    I add a new post but it doesn’t get displayed on my blog. Under posts, it says I have 4 posts published, but I can only see one on my blog. Please help!

    The blog I need help with is




    I can see all five posts, currently, but it appears your front page may be set incorrectly.

    In your Dashboard, visit Settings->Reading. The “Front page display” setting should be “Your Latest Posts” for it to display your posts.

    If I misunderstood your issue, please do let me know and we’ll get this right!



    Using Chrome26 and IE9, when looking at I only see one post dated May 4 called “Why “The Ignition Condition”?” and that is the only post listed under the “recent posts” widget as well.

    @jenniferwoodill What are the titles of the other posts you published? Do they appear on the “Posts” page where there is a list of all the posts, including drafts and privately published posts?



    “Do they appear on the ‘Posts’ page…” i.e. do they appear in the Dashboard on the “Post” page?

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