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    In the last few days I have noticed that my blog posts are not displaying correctly after I publish them. here is the web address to my true crime blog

    I have been running this blog for over a year using all the same techniques as usual (which mostly involve copying and pasting snippets of news articles, my own comments and adding photos directly into the blog.I rarely if ever use word to compose my posts or paste from there)

    The problem is the post text gets all out of alignment and some of my themes (greyzed) elements move around sideways. I have searched for help, and as suggested, checked the html editor, on some occasions there is a lot of code especially the tag </div> as well as others.Removing these are not completely fixing the problem.

    I would understand if I had started doing things differently but I have used the same process for a long time now to post without these problems. I have also used the same Greyzed theme for a long time.

    (As a side question I noticed the makers of the theme greyzed updated the theme late last year. I assume the theme is up to date in the theme section of

    I would really appreciate a solution to this as like everyone, I want my site looking its best and I have lots of posts pending until I fix this.

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you using the “paste as plain text” icon on the lower tool bar to paste the stuff in from the web? If not, you have been really lucky till now because when you bring stuff directly in from the web, and do not use that “paste as plain text” icon, you bring in coding from the other site, and it can most definitely mess up your site.

    Your latest post has a ton of junk code in it. You need to delete all of it and then paste it back in using the “paste as plain text” icon and then go back in and do any formatting required to the text. From the looks of some of that code, I’m surprised your site even displays at all.


    I’m seeing at least the latest 3 posts on your blog messed up. You need to do the above fore each one of those.



    Hi thesacredpath
    Thanks so much for your help, your suggestions have worked for those posts, I had to totally redo them after inserting as plain text as you said. It strips all that html extra crap out which is great.

    But was time consuming if that is the way I have to do every post!

    Like you said above, how come it worked all this time apart from the last 3 days or so?

    I think after I actually paste my stuff in, that the plugin Zemanta adds a lot of code with all the tags etc etc I add. Apart from that on still do not know why it has only happened recently.

    But thanks for the solution, at least I know how to pull the post back into line…



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    Perhaps you were just “lucky” in the past that the code did not mess up the themeā€”the extra junk code may not have been disruptive. Paste as plain text is always the way to go.


    Lucky is the key word here. Those posts were full of conflicting inline CSS class and ID calls that were overriding the like calls in the theme and blowing up your theme. Each time you paste directly from the web you are rolling loaded dice and although they might not come up snake eyes every time, they will enough to cause what just happened to you. I’ve seen some instances where this has caused the entire site to explode and disappear.



    Errors like these are cumulative, but not in a linear fashion. It’s common for things to somehow go along okay for some time and then something go completely wonky.



    Well I was lucky up until then hey? 380 full on posts, 3000 comments and 800,000 visitors, I would of died if I lost all my work!. from now on I will use the paste plain text, then format it.Much cleaner…( I can only imagine the sites have started using some kind of new code to add to the stories I follow?)

    I will make it a regular thing to back the site up as well!

    Do you guys use any off-line blog software? The only 2 I have tried are live writer and scribe fire, but only once or twice… Well thanks again people, my latest posts are looking good so all happy again thanks!


    I’ve seen people skate by for a long time and then all of a sudden the whole blog blows up and they spend days or even weeks having to go back through and straighten up all of their posts.

    I use Ecto (I’m on Mac) and it works very well although it is not free (but at about $20 it doesn’t break the bank either). For Windows, there is Windows Live Writer, which is an outstanding blog client as is BlogDesk – both free downloads.


    On backups, here at wordpress.COM, staff does that continuously for us, so there really isn’t much reason to do it other than a little extra piece of mind. If you go with a blog editor, then it will do it for you, but of course it won’t save comments so an export once in a while would probably be a good idea.



    Thanks for the tips, you know your stuff…(Thank god for me)


    You are welcome and best of luck.

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