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    This has happened before, and I haven’t had any views for the last couple days that I’ve posted and when I check topics, it’s not posted or in the Reader.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hmm well I’m not sure why this is happening, there doesn’t seem to be too many tags/categories given to your posts, and it doesn’t seem to fit any of the points listed here:

    However, the tags I’ve seen from your blog, are very popular, so your content would be quickly hidden under all the newer content (you have to go really far back to even get to your latest post just three days ago, in fact, I stopped trying).

    I’ve tagged this for staff support to see if they can enlighten you on this.


    That is true, it does get buried quite a bit, but I posted something last night a few hours before I posted this forum and I couldn’t find it anywhere – except on my recent posts.
    Thanks for your help!


    Just a little update: I did post something today and it seems to be showing in the topics – not the reader (from what I’ve seen) but at least in the topics.



    I took a look and everything is working properly.

    Are you following your own blog and using the ‘Blogs I Follow’ page in the reader to view your posts?!/read/following/

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