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Blog posts on addtional pages

  1. It would be nice if we could add posts to the additional pages we create on the blogs. Maybe allow the separation of topics into pages so that we can control what is on the front page and have it sectioned off for topical listings of posts.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I agree! I was just thinking the same thing.

    Another thing that would be nice would be able to do the OPPOSITE of sticking a post to the front page. I would like to be able to add some posts that would show up when you click on a category but not appear on the front page.

  3. I'm looking at making a plug in that would do this - 'sticky by category'. It'll be my first plug in, so highly experimental!

  4. ...hurry up mate, can't wait to see your plugin... :-)

  5. Plugins don't work here at wordpress.COM

  6. mcoville,

    You get only one page for posting.

    The simplest way to separate posts is to assign them to categories, then use a category widget in your sidebar so readers will see a pageful of posts in a particular category. Note that Ocean MIst will display only titles of the posts.

    In Ocean Mist it is possible to make a link (only a little odd looking) to a category page in your top navigation bar, so that readers will see a chronological pageful of posts on a topic of of your choice (provided those posts are assigned to that category). Note that Ocean MIst will display only titles of the posts.

    Or you could set your blog to have a static front page. On that page, you could list links to category pages about "category 1," "category 2," "category 3," …

    Hope this helps!

  7. gingerroot

    If you want help or an answer to a question in these forums, please provide a link to your blog starting with:

    Or make your name clickable so people can see your blogs! Why be shy? Check out #2 on this link:

  8. I think it would be cool if the main page wasnt the only page we could have different posts on. Like on my blog I have my blog page and then I added this other page that I called "Songs and Poems." And it would be nice if I could just have different posts of the songs I put on there because right now the songs are just all clumped together on that page.

  9. valeriasnow

    For true, it will be useful for you to link your name to your blog—how else will anyone find your blog when you make comments on other blogs, or ask questions here?! Please provide a link to your blog starting with:

    It's the nature of blogs to have only one page to post on. Categorizing your posts is a really powerful tool for directing your readers to what you are talking about.

    An alternative would be to have a second blog with the same theme (or CSS alterations), and make links in posts and blog roll on each from one to the other. Then you would have 2 posting pages.

  10. I just did some rooting around over at wordpress.ORG, and it seems that having multiple blog pages ISN'T even a possibility with self-hosted blogs using the software from wordpress.ORG: .

  11. I think I may be misunderstanding the question here. I have a main page for most posting, but additonal pages, and sub pages, for other specific information or topics that allow comments to be posted. You only see those comments if you go to the specific page or sub page.
    Read up on pages and sub pages in the support or help section. If you want to check out my blog's setup here is the link:

  12. rossfromwash
    I think you are misunderstanding:
    Posts and pages are not the same, and while a person can post a comment that is completely different from both posts or pages!
    You have only one dynamic "home" or "blog page" per blog. That is the only place you make posts, which appear in reverse chronological order. You can add tags and categories to the posts. Readers can make (or post) comments on each article (or post).
    Pages are static. You can have as many pages and sub-pages and sub-sub-pages as you like here at, but pages are not the same as your "posting page." You cannot add tags or categories to pages. And yes, readers can comment on pages.
    Categories and tags are global at WordPress. That means that your posts can be easily found by search engines and fellow bloggers.

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