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Blog Posts on Home Page

  1. I wish to changehow many blog posts' excerpts you can see on my home page. Currently you can see three. How do I change it to four or even six or 9?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Howdy bernardlcg,

    You can manage it using your wp-admin dashboard, you will have to go to and follow the instructions on the support page Reading Settings

    Also, make sure Infinite Scroll box has to be unchecked, you will find it on the same page at the bottom of the page, it has a label
    "Infinite Scroll Behavior" that is to be unchecked, just cross check that ones.

    Hope this helps, let us know if you need any further assistance..!


  3. But these instructions are only for the Blog page itself. What I meant was the panel for "news and blog" on my home page.

  4. Another question: when the reader types in my URL, how do I change the settings to make him land on the 'news and blog' panel first on the home page, instead of the signup home page

  5. HI Again,
    Yeah that is for the Blog page, so for you home page its a Theme setting, look into the Theme Page:

    The theme Pique enables you to manage it, if you navigate to Theme-->Customize-->Theme Options , it enables you to manage 8 panels, so you can plan accordingly as per your requirement, also the other theme details can be helpful to know you theme better.

    Hope this helps, let us know for any further assistance..!

  6. Yes bro,

    I want the first thing that the viewer sees is the SECOND PANEL (news and blog), not the first panel (the page with two buttons).

    Of course, I can go to Customize. I need the exact instructions! Steps!

  7. Hey again bernardlcg,
    Just read your next question..!
    So your theme supports a Static Front Page option, if you navigate to Themes-->Customize-->Static Front page, you should be able to manage it there, you can keep it as your Latest post, or configure the pages you want on the front page, you can decide and give the linking accordingly, it will help you to link the page, not the Panel, what you can do is arrange the panels so that the user lands on the right Panel first. Hope this helps, let us know if you need any further assistance..!

  8. HI again,
    Adding to your further question..! Not sure if you can have the exact Panel landing, I ll try and figure out, if there is a way for it. But yeah your Static Home Page and Panels can be arranged. I can update you about landing on a particular panel. Till then if you need any assistance for anything else do let us know...! I ll update you soon..!


  9. I cant. The default is still the first panel. When I switch the home page to the second panel, the gtraphics are jumbled up.

  10. Hi again,
    Thank you for your follow up questions, WordPress will open either your Posts pages with all your Blogs "Your Latest Posts" or a Static Front Page.

    Now from you website it is clear you want to Set up the Front page along with the Panels, Your Latest Posts page is not an option.
    To set up and Manage your Front page, the only option is to set it according to your needs, unfortunately, there is NO way that when your site opens it opens to a Panel Direct, it will open to the Static Front Page section and then the Panels,
    On your Theme Page under the Section "Adding Panel" You will see the Design of the Pages, the Front Page and then the Panel Pages,

    So you will have to design the Front and the Panel1, so that they set in correctly and you can assign them the Pages accordingly.
    So setting up your Front Template Page according to the Design will help you play with what best fits in.

    Hope this helps, let us know if you need any further information..! Would be happy to assist you further..! Best Wishes...! :)


  11. Hi @bernardlcg,

    I wish to change how many blog posts' excerpts you can see on my home page. Currently you can see three. How do I change it to four or even six or 9?

    Hi there, that is not something that we can do with CSS as the number is set in the php script files of the theme, and we cannot edit those.

    We also cannot make your page automatically go to the second panel, News & Blog when someone comes to your main page, and reordering of the panels, although it can technically be done with some advanced CSS3, not all browsers support it. In particular, Internet Explorer only supports it fully for IE11 and later. IE10 not completely and can be a bit buggy, and IE9 and older not at all.

  12. Let me know if you wish to try reordering things, even though it only works cleanly with IE11 and later.

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