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    Hello! I’m currently running the ‘Sela’ theme. I want to make my blog posts show up on the home page but it will not let me do that. I have tried making the homepage my latest post page, but that only works when you first go to my blog. If you click on ‘home’ or ‘blog’ posts do not show up. Is this because of the way the theme is set up? Or am I missing a step?

    The blog I need help with is




    If you click on ‘home’ or ‘blog’ posts do not show up.

    The “Blog” menu item of the site is linked to the blog page, The “Home” menu item is linked to the static front page, which is titled “Home.” Did you want both the “Home” menu item to link to the blog page instead?



    Your latest posts are displayed on the blog page,, which can be reached from any page or post on the site by clicking on the “Blog” menu item.


    Yes, I’d like both the home and blog menu items to link to the blog page.



    Thanks. That’s what I’d meant to ask you. This can easily be done by making a few changes, as follows:

    • 1. At Customize > Static Front Page > Front page displays, select “Your latest posts,” and then click the Save & Publish button to save the change.
    • 2. At Customize > Menus, choose a custom menu — create a one if necessary, as described in the Custom Menus support page — as you primary menu.
    • 3. When you’re adding menu items to the custom menu as described in the Add menu items section of the Custom Menus support page, use the “Pages” type for the items “Blog,” “About,” and “Contact,” but use the “Link” type for the “Home” item, to create a custom link to the home page.

    If you run into any snags, or have trouble following the above directions or the instructions in the support document, I’d suggest that you add a “modlook” tag to the sidebar of this topic to call for staff attention.

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