Blog Posts STILL Not Showing In Reader

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    A little while back, I started a discussion regarding the visibility of my blog in the ‘reader tab’ – Link to post and it seemed like it had been resolved.

    However, just recently I’d be told again that a couple of our posts again weren’t showing up. Any idea what this could be? I’m quite concerned that we’re missing out on a lot of engagement because of this.



    The blog I need help with is


    The same thing is happening to me. My posts only show on the pages of their respective tags about 50% of the time. It’s very frustrating.


    Still no reponse about this… yeah it’s so frustrating! :(



    My problem is the opposite, my Reader is showing multiple copies of one blog (the one I least want to show, of course :), and I’ve no idea how to delete them. Sigh. And yet… … … “Patience and perseverance surmount every difficulty”. Let us persist, patiently :)

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