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  1. Any way to tell where I rank on I want to see how much I suck.

  2. Rank in what way?

    Top rankings are over at if you want to poke around.

  3. I know, but if I'm not listed, then what? Nothing for me?

  4. Then you're not in the top hundred. That's all. Even I've only been in there a couple of times.

  5. hehe, thanks

  6. Check Technorati to see your blog ranking. I don't think it can do relative rankings for all WordPress, but you can plug in a couple of other WordPress blogs and get a sense of where you are relative to them.

  7. Oh, no, I meant in the narrow scheme of things, just wordpress blogs. There's stats for all sorts of things: so I was wondering if I could get more personal stats for my own blog, within

  8. That's why I didn't suggest Technorati. I was thinking of them as well though.

  9. No, if Mark doesn't give it his blessing, I ain't usin' it! :p

  10. @samureye

    I was wondering if I could get more personal stats for my own blog, within

    Humour: As your blog which was commenced in October contains only 9 posts forgive me for feeling somewhat entertained by your interest in statistical data pertaining to it ... lol :D

    Aside from the "blog stats" widget there are free stats counters available online and this FAQs thread will direct you to them

  11. Wait, which blog is that? You referencing ? That's mine! And my blogging is usually sporadic, but I've been keeping it up, so nyeah!

  12. Thanks for your url ;)

    Sheesh ... and here I thinking you were concerned about the stats for this one

    But, in any event, you can get a stat counter for both blogs free of charge if you like ... lol :D

  13. I know, I've used statcounter and sitemeter in the past, but it's sort of a hassle in that since I can't access the code of the templates unless I am paying I am not sure what I can and cannot use with sidebar widgets so I make do with WordPress' internat stats system, I like it a lot in fact, and wish custom WordPress installs had that sort of stat tracking. I installed wordpress on my own but didn't see it, so that's one way to get customers :p

    And I thought I deleted that other blog... hmmm...

  14. hey it would be nice to know my ranking even if i'm not in the top 100, like how technorati shows my ranking.

  15. I want to see how much I suck.

    you suck bad. How's that? ;-P


  16. and it appears I suck at formatting... hehe

  17. It's HTML. You use the backticks when you want the HTML code to actually display so we can see teh coding.

    Fixed - drmike

  18. Technorati Ranks for some Blogs Rank: 26,851 (443 links from 128 blogs) Rank: 63,737 (204 links from 57 blogs) Rank: 2,684,663 (No blogs link here yet) Rank: 99 (9,936 links from 3,578 blogs) Rank: 40,845 (322 links from 87 blogs) Rank: 137,782 (57 links from 28 blogs) Rank: 7,206 (646 links from 383 blogs)

    I commented on addmonkey's stats post here:

  19. PS: @samureye your blog has not been updated at Technorati in 181 days.

    Something is set up wrong there.

    Write to [email redacted] and tell them. It will get fixed in time. They are incredibly busy over there.

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