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    Now I’m a little bit concerned. I’ve now read here on these forums that two blogs were suspnded for content. I’m wondering if I am not properly rating my blog. I have it rated as “G” but there are a couple of posts that may not be suitable for really young children It’s a Christian site so it’s not like there is inappropriate language but some of the topics may be deemed adult. I know that there is a button where someone can flag a blog or a post for being inappropriate. What are the guidelines? If the couple of posts that are more of an adult content, should I change the rating to prevent my blog from being suspended due to content? What constitutes a blog having to list itself as PG or higher?

    To be perfectly honest, I cannot imagine younger children even having the remotest interest in reading my blog. They would find it utterly boring.

    So my question is what are the guidelines that we should use to rate a blog “G,” “PG,” etc. I did check the forums and the help pages and I’m probably okay but wanted to get some guidelines so that am not in violation of WordPress’s ratings for blogs.

    I’m at (listing my blog address is the requirement for posting here)

    The blog I need help with is




    Here is what I know [I’ve read some discussions in the past and am not able to give you the link presently; you can search them though]. You can search and read the forums My answer here is incomplete but I thought I will share it with you.

    1. Do not change it to PG. Your blog is G and deserves to be G.

    2. If somebody reports your blog as mature [that mostly happens with porn], WP people will review it and decide. Your blog will never be suspended for this reason. It will be marked mature which means that it will not show in the global WP tags page. For example, blogs with a lot of sex do not show in tags pages. Any body can read that blog just the same.

    3. If you are in doubt you can contact the staff. They have the final word on it. If I am not incorrect, there are no guidelines on this published here and it depends on common sense and conventional wisdom.

    4. Relax and keep posting. I have a very personal blog where I publish my sexual angst and desire [I’m a virgin and want to remain so until my wedding night; am in unrequited love with someone and can’t think of any other woman] where I use all the sexual vocabulary [vagina and penis included]. Even that blog is not rated as mature because it is not fully a sex blog; it’s my personal diary! So relax. I wish I had the time to find the thread where I had read a lot of debate on this including staff response. I can only tell you presently that you are not in the danger zone at all. So stop worrying. Search the forums for more.



    Thank you for your detailed reply. I really, really appreciate you taking the time. To be honest, I had not wondered about it at all until I saw two posts here about blogs being suspended for content. I figured it must be that they did not choose a correct rating for their blogs. My blog is really tame though some content has subject matter that could be adult in nature (no photos, language, just the subject matter).

    I guess I did not use the correct search terms as I did try and find the answer myself. You provided great links but for some reason, I did not find those when I searched before posting my OP.

    Thanks :)

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