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Blog recommendations.

  1. I'd like to find some interesting, smart, fun blogs to read... Does anyone have any recommendations of their favorite blogs for me to look into?
    Feel free to toot your own horn and recommend your blog! : D

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Check out:
    and if you want to read very short posts:
    oh and check me out, of course. lol

  3. check out the showcase forum...lots of great blog links there.

  4. :) I'd like to think I have interesting things to say, so check me out!

    Also, as already mentioned above

    All of those blogs are very interesting, they're all on my blogroll and so are several other very cool sites.

    :) Happy Reading!

  5. Oooh thanks, I will have to check all of these out!

  6. I will definitely toot my own horn.
    Check out

  7. Good for you!

  8. I also like finding new blogs in the Dashboard section under "What's Hot"

  9. You could always get tag feeds of topics you like.
    Also set up Google blog searches for similar things.
    Then get using a feed reader (unless you do already) and pour all the feeds in there.

  10. rainbowclovers

    I shall toot my own horn. 8D
    Feel free to drop by if you like, thanks.

  11. Thank you, thank you! Anyone else? Ehh? Anyone? : )


    The last one is a really good blog, might I add. :P

  13. Ahhh I love Failblog!!!

    And I will have to check the others out, thank you. : )

  14. And if you love photo's there is my lil' blog:


  15. threestoriestenpoems

    Of course, I'll give you mine!
    Also, I am not a conservative but have come to truly appreciate this blog:

  16. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

  17. Some of these are neat, thanks!
    If you're into classical music, check out mine!

  18. <h2>onecoolsiteblogging free resources, tools, tutorials, SEO tips</h2>

    Blogging goal: My goal is to provide useful information to both beginner bloggers and to those who wish to improve their blogging skills. My focus is on writing posts on Building a Better Blog and How to Become a Better Blogger.
    <h2>thistimethis personal development, growth and relationships </h2>
    This blog is focused on conscious living, self improvement, spirituality, alternative medicine, and coping with and learning from major loss and chronic disease. It contains information and techniques I use for transforming and improving my life including:

    • Practical information on food, fitness, health and well being;
    • Alternative medicine methods used to reduce stress, anxiety and to control pain;
    • Articles on aromatherapy, conscious living, creative visualization, health, goal setting, happiness, internet relationships, love, massage, positive thinking, self improvement, sensuality, sexuality and spirituality;
    • Organizational tools or techniques for planning and scheduling time.

    this time space is a media rich (video, audio) spiritual music, meditation resources, and relaxation techniques self help blog, for those who are pursuing personal growth and self improvement.

  19. If you like fiction, check out my blog:

  20. Hey, blocktherapy - if you're interested in one of the greatest TV variety shows of all time, PLEASE check out, otherwise known as "Wanted - The Dean Martin Show!".

    I just hope that I can use my blog's Dashboard again before long.

    Also ring up for the fullest accounting (so far...) of all the wonderful ladies who sang, danced and performed around Dean Martin. Extraordinary work - and still growing!

    Cheers from Ralph!

  21. "I'd like to find some interesting, smart, fun blogs to read... Does anyone have any recommendations of their favorite blogs for me to look into?"

    Damn. That leaves my blog out. :(

  22. Thanks, all. And oh xtap, so hard on yourself! ; ]

  23. some time ago, some folks chose me for a "superior scribbler" blogger award. in turn i had to choose 5 ppl to pass the honor on to. here are my five picks:

  24. Fantastic, thank you! Some of these really look like the sort of thing I dig. : )

  25. I like, cool blog with funny cats photos :)

  26. Haha oh good, thank you. : )

  27. Well I suppose I'd like you to read mine.


    I recommend checking this blog out. Especially if you want to improve the writing in your own blog. Very very helpful stuff.

  29. @simplesciman
    I agree with you. :)

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