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  1. @simplesciman I agree with you too! I am a writer and avid blogger and frequent her blog as of late. It is extremely helpful.

    Also, feel free to check out mine:

  2. What kind comments! Thank you so much.x

  3. i love reading.

    you can check mine to if you wanna. its a bit random.

  4. Good, good, good! : D

  5. Check out (still fairly new)

  6. Ooh I enjoy the aluminum/aluminium debate.
    I think it's aluminum though. : D

  7. Check out mine.

    I am currently writing a book about my work experience as a mall cop, and during a feedback session with some friends, they raised the idea of promoting my book through a public blog.

    I thought it was a good idea then so I set up a blog and starting adding content.

    I did some tweaks to my blog and so while the writing style is representative of what I am using for my book, and while the subject matter (daily run-ins at the mall) will be the same, it won't be so much 'freebies' but more 'samples'.

    As in a sample of things to come. The book itself will have way more content, more of my thoughts (rather than just descriptive prose of what-I-did) and a director's cut chapter for the extras.

    So feel free to check out my blog and comment. I especially welcome criticisms. But before you do, please be aware that the style I use is meant to be conversational and light. It is Mall Cop Diary, so it will be written as if I am confiding to my personal diary.


  8. irisofthewayfarer

    Hmmm, how about this one ?

    or this guy's blog. I have him on my blogroll, falling down funny:

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