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  1. Hello,

    I was curious How I would redirect my wordpress blog to my domain.

    I have totally different content on my domain, when anyone where to click to go to my blog I just want them to be transferred to my domain.

    Thank you.

  2. When you say "my domain", are we talking about a site hosted elsewhere or are you trying to replace the url of your blog here with your own domain?

    edit: Those affliate links within your sidebar need to go by the way. They're not allowed.

  3. FWIW I thought this looked familiar and I found this in the forum searchbox

  4. well, seems she wants redirect to her domain in their own hosting.

    Sorry that's not posible it's against ToS terms.

  5. @kellyfleming
    You cannot use a blog to drive business to other sites. You agreed to a Terms of Service contract that specifically states this. Also adveritising is not permitted and violating these policies mean your blog can and will be deleted. Here's the contract (see purple part) and the policy

    If you wish to have a monetized blog that instructs others on how to make an income working at home online then there is an alternative. You can hire a webhost and have him download free software from for you. Then you can import the content of your blog here at into the new one.

  6. Well said timethief.

    As an extra note-I, for one, adore the fact that there are no ads on blogs. I flipped out when I first registered my .ca domain and saw ads to the yin yang all over it but breathed a huge sigh of relief when the domain company told me that once I had mapped my wordpress blog over, I wouldn't have ads b/c wordpress was hosting it.

  7. There ARE ads on blogs, you just don't see them when you're signed in. WordPress itself is running adsense on some of our blog posts. Your domain company's information is inaccurate.

  8. /nod to raincoaster

    You may see some advertising on the domain.
    VIP blogs are able to run ads. also runs ads on our blogs.
    However, there is no blogger initiated advertising allowed.

  9. eeek. I had no idea. :( so basically, ads may start appearing at any time?

  10. @weirdscience
    The adsense ads runs on our blogs appear infrequently on some type of a rotational basis. They may already be appearing on your blog. If you're looking at your blog when you are logged in to then you will not see them.

    There is a vocal minority pushing for an adsense widget. And, although we have heard nothing but the sounds of silence from the powers that be, this was posted to the forum recently
    And this

  11. We are now ready to launch our upgraded site.

    How can we redirect from for a short while until our traffic shifts, then we can kill the blog?

  12. You can't. There are no re-directs.
    What you can do with your blog is:
    export the contents out to your new site; and
    place a text widget in the sidebar with a link to your new site.

  13. Sorry if I'm responding to a closed topic but if there is no way to do a redirect from a to our upgraded blog, should I be concerned about duplicate content being held against us?

  14. You can simply put a text widget in the sidebar of your blog with a link to re-direct to your blog.

  15. I’m new to blogging and need help. I started a wordpress blog draft some time ago didn’t complete it. Later I returned determined to develop a blogsite and completed a nice wordpress blog.

    Problem: the URL for the new site is but the original incomplete draft is at my domain: .

    Question: How do I redirect the completed blog to my domain at ??

  16. You cannot redirect from blogs.
    You can redirect to them - just put a meta refresh tag on to the other site.

  17. There is a way to redirect a current blog to another domain. See here:

  18. No kidding this thread dates back to 2007 (3 years ago!) and ought to have been closed or updated ages ago.

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