Blog redirected to domain – no longer part of WP network?

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    Hi there.

    I have finally figured out how to redirect my blog to my domain and I have done so (although I’ve changed it back temporarily). I was hoping (and assuming) that although my blog was redirected, users on the wordpress network would still be ‘signed in’ to comment on my blog. I see, however, that everyone has to input their details again (including me) as if it was a completely independent blog. Is there a workaround for this?

    Thank you.



    That’s the first I ever heard of that. If I were you I’d send a feedback; perhaps there’s some quirk in the settings, because that shouldn’t be happening.


    Thank you so much. I shall try that!


    Update: it seems to be fine now. Perhaps it just took a while to get it sorted.

    Thank you anyway for your help. :)



    I noticed that as well when I did mine. It does seem to take a few minutes to filter down. I can sprout some technical reasons if anyone wants but if it works for you now, I wouldn’t worry about it.


    Well, it did start working fine until it decided to stop redirecting and the ‘blog’ on my site was just a list of folders!

    Perhaps I will try again and if it doesn’t work, I shall make another forum post.

    Thanks DrMike. :)

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