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    Hi Everyone,

    So when I went in just now to check my blog, I typed in my URL and all I got was this blank page: I thought it might have been that individual page that was down, but every time I try to visit a blog, I get the same page. Am I the only one? What is going on?




    I’m getting google ads appearing in my blog when i use google search to call the blog. In addition all the catagories are missing. checked settings – no change. type in proper url and problem disappears. i’m new and clueless.



    fmartel: It works fine for me and I have never heard of it, sorry. Maybe someone else knows more.

    yattermatters: You would’ve really been better off making your own thread, so people can help you more easily.

    About the ads, this might help you:

    About the categories, can you please post a link to your blog.

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