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    How can I renew my old account?

    The blog I need help with is



    Accounts are free, it’s upgrades that cost. What specific upgrades are you trying to renew, and what difficulty are you having doing that?


    My account is still there but it won’t let me view it because I let my term expire. I’d like to just hit upgrade to whatever I had before but I’m not sure what exact “plan” I had before.



    Do you mean your domain name? Because that doesn’t seem to be working. You’ll have to buy it again. Did you have custom design as well?


    Gotcha. I custom designed it with a template but no outside help.



    Then what you want is probably the Pro upgrade at $99. Or you could buy Custom Design for 30 and the Custom Domain and Mapping for 5 and 13.



    Your domain is in Redemption – you need staff help to renew it – I have flagged this for staff attention


    Thanks. If only there were a simple phone number to call!!


    I’m still having issues. It asks me to change the name servers. I tried entering and it says it doesn’t recognize it. Why do I have to do all of this background work? Can’t it be a simple renew?



    I doubt it would be operative on a Sunday.


    There isn’t even a phone number listed.



    No, there isn’t one. I’ve got a phone support service for customers, but it’s not cheap.


    I’m prob going to have to venture on over to Tumblr then. No idea how to get my domain back up and running. It keeps sending me to other how-to instructions without actually walking me through anything.



    Your domain name expired almost two months ago – you did not renew it – that puts it in redemption which takes staff help to renew – the staff do check the forums on a regular basis but sometimes they get a bit behind – and this thread was only flagged an hour ago and a bit over two hours since you first ask for help


    Oh, ok. Thanks for all your help!


    Staff expired on December 22, but we may still be able to recover it for an additional fee.

    I have sent further details to the email address on your account.

    Please reply to the email as soon as you can.

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