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    What is the difference between blog roll and categories?? I know what they look like. On my home page I want all my blogs which I will put in a blog roll, so in my blog roll if I have say three different items I can link them to categories and it can be found straight away??? I have two other pages but I want them related to different categories, e.g. when writing about Mexico and Usa on my Travel Page how do I have that category/blog roll only on that page that relates to travel and not have it appear on any other pages that I have like my Review page or my Photography page? Sorry if this is all confusing and you have helped me before and its been so obvious when you write it but I just so confused at the moment. Thanks again for previous help. I am not up and running yet, and I am not even sure if the theme that I am using is going to be the one I end up with as it may not have the functionality that I need???


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Did you take a look at this by any chance? :-)

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