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Blog: RSS & viewing html ?

  1. So...I've designed a blog at: "" after purchasing the CSS editor privilege I viewed the original style sheet (template: mistylook by:sadish) copied it in its entirety, pasted it in the editing window and edited font, font colors, background colors, and borders. Additionally I found it necessary to delete the code dealing with the header image (because with it present in the editable window, the image would not load).

    However, I am still having some problems, firstly, the RSS feeds link to an unstyled page with the following error at the top: "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." Which wouldn't be so bad if there weren't feeds built into the html(which i don't have access to). Is there some generic rss code that needs to be put into my css?

    Since the other problems seem to be within the there a way to get my html code and move it to my private server space?

  2. Not every web browser is created equal (IE *cough, cough*) to others like Firefox. It is nothing wrong with your editing. Your RSS feed is showing up fine for me with Firefox and RSS readers. It is just the inability of your browser to properly read your RSS feed.

    Nothing to worry about!


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