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blog rush code

  1. I am trying to get my blogrush code in a text widget and it's not working.
    I also tried an ebay togo code and it doesn't work either.
    I used IE and Firefox, same result on both.

    Thank you,

  2. Sorry, you can't have anything with Javascript in it due to security problems..

    Hope that helps. :)

  3. Blogrush is also against the terms of service, as staff have mentioned in the past.

  4. /nod to carocat and raincoaster

    Did you note Blogrush's FAQs
    Why can't I get the widget to display in my blog at
    Currently, it can't be done in blogs hosted in It has to do with some restrictions put in place on 3rd-party javascript. The javascript provided by BlogRush is not executed even if you've added it successfully to your blog template or sidebar widget.

    Here's results from the search box on this forum

    In addition to being javascript which is not allowed at, BlogRush is a viral marketing widget designed to drive traffic to affiliated 3rd party sites and that's not allowed on blogs either. (see section 2, 5th bullet of the ToS

    Advertising is also not allowed on blogs see

    If your intention is to have a commercialized blog to promote your business then IMHO you ought to hire a web host and download free software from where such restrictions do not apply

  5. I was not aware of this as I found out about it on another blog here on wordpress. LOL
    Thank you for answering.


  6. You're welcome. :-)

  7. See Mark's post for clarification regarding BlogRush and other javascript widgets

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