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Blog Rush widget, super new WP user!

  1. Hi there, I am new to blogging, and I am also new to the blog rush. I followed all of the steps, copied my blog rush code into a text widget on wordpress, but the widget isn't showing up. The title of the widget is there, but not the actual blog rush box with links. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks! my WP blog is

  2. If the contents of the widget are not html and happen to be javascript then the programming here is stripping the code to preserve security on this multi-user blogging platform.

    You may be interested to read a contrary opinion on this widget here

    And as you are new you need to be aware of the Terms of Service section 2, 5th bullet. blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to 3rd party sites. Also there is no advertising allowed on these non-commercial blogs

    Viral linking is not allowed at

    If you want a monetized blog then the other wordpress alternative (self-hosting or hiring a web host and downloading software from ) will be more suited to your needs

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