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    I ran a search which brought up only a few things about “blog scraping”, but not any info on what I was looking for.

    Is there some text or something that can be added to the RSS feed that will prevent one’s feed going to a certain site? Just curious.

    The site “millionRSS” is a pure scraping site.
    Here is my feed to their site.
    [link broken by Trent]

    I have already sent them a “nice/not so nice” note for it to be removed, but have heard nothing back yet.
    Others are sending them messages also to have their site feeds removed.

    Anyway, … just curious if there was something that I could add to my feed to prevent them from getting to it.

    Thanks guys,



    That’s why you always go after the host, not the site:

    Trent or someone else, if you see this, can you break that link there please? I still can’t see the edit link here in the first post in IE6 and I’m tried of poinging it out to staff.


    Thanks Doc! : )

    Yes, going to the host is the best method, but I always at least give the offender a heads up to see if they will act on their own.

    I think my attorney’s message got through to them loud and clear.
    The site is now down!



    I love good endings like this one … the millionRSS project has been discontinued…


    I have to say that Matthew sent me a very nice note on the matter.
    He did not mean to upset anyone nor did he think that it would, but in the end he decided to shut the project down.
    The note that he sent me says plenty about the guy!
    A gentleman!!



    Sounds blogworthy to me. Do let us know if you do a post about it.

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