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    I think the search-function on WordPress can be improved a lot. It’s now about the 5th time i’m trying to find a particular link and about 4-5 and sometimes even more pages….and mostly pages/posts that has got nothing to do with what i’m searching for, come up!! e.g. I was searching for a post…and I knew this post title is the exact title…”New in Chess” and please do yourself a favour…try it on my blog…and you’ll see how many pages come up and some about Poetry!! that has nothing to do with chess!! Here’s the link…do your search first…and you will see how long it takes before you find it! Can the admin not improve the search in WP for us…help!! it’s a nightmare if you want to search for something!! and a frustration! I don’t have that on my old blogger-blog! If you’re an admin and you do go to my blog, put exactly those words in the search box…”new in chess” just like that…and tell me what i do wrong! tks!!



    And you searched using quotations, “New in Chess” ? Used the search box on your blog for that term, found the above post. Used the search box on the front page of, found your above post.


    I didn’t use the quotation marks…only the words in the quotation marks… I did use my own blog’s search box (I have two search boxes on my blog)… and this post “New in chess” is suppose to come up first..if you put in the exact words! and it doesn’t.. have you tried it…i guess not, as you will see it doesn’t come up first…all sorts of other posts on my blog come up first.. ;) The reason why I would expect it to come up first is because i put the exact words/phrase in the search box…and that applies to other searches too on my blog



    Actually I searched *WITH* the quotation marks. That link you mention in your first post is the only post that came back in the search results.

    When you are searching for a phrase like “New in Chess” or “How to search”, always use quotation marks so that the search engine takes the entire phrase and not individual words.



    Wow! I just tried it…and you’re right! Thanks a zillion! ;)

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