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  1. There used to be a search bar in the upper right corner where you could search for blog/posts by entering words.
    But now its gone (since the top menu bar changed a bit). Where did it go?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's still there -

    On which page are you not seeing it? Which browser are you using?

  3. marisaskitchentalk

    I don't see it either. I'm using Firefox.

  4. It's definitely not there (since the bar changed). I'm using Safari.

  5. I see it now, using FF 3.6.8, but at work using the same browser it isn't, so I think it's a resolution thing.

  6. You'll probably get to see it if you zoom out (command or control minus).

  7. That is so odd, I didnt even know you could do that (duh).
    Though there still is plenty of space on the top bar, why does it only show if zoomed out? No support for 1024 resolution...?

  8. Probably not. There have been a lot of reports similar to your over the past few days.

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