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    I posted my first blog at abaut 1:00 pm. At 7:00 pm I searched the internet with Google but I cannot find my blog.
    Any ideas why. Why the blog is posted, were does it go?



    With Google or with Google’s Blog Search? Your title of your thread says one thing while your post says another. They are two seperate organizations.

    Probably answer to both though is that your site is too new and hasn’t been discovered by either site. Regular Google usually takes a few weeks at least to pick up new sites. Not sure about the Blog Search but it probably does have to be aware of it first.

    You may want to try doing a manual ping out over at Pingomatic to see if that helps.



    You can try submitting your site here:

    Submit it to the top 40 search engines. Don’t do it to thousands because your inbox will be flooded with tons of email notification forms and some of those places might be spam. After I left Blogger, I submitted my site there so people could find me again and I was listed I think in less than a week.

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