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    Blogroll is terrific. But it doesn’t help me find a blog I remember having visited but didn’t add to my blogroll.

    How about Blog Search, or Blogger Search, to help us navigate directly to blogs we remember but can’t find?


    Yes! That would be agreat idea – you should be able to search by username at least!

    PrincessBenelux x



    We can usually remember some “tags” applicable to the blogs we visit and they can be used to locate the forgotten url. So while awaiting staff attention to your idea you could try a tag search



    You’re right, timethief, and I use the Tags page all the time. But, for instance, you’ll notice “flash fiction,” a favorite of mine, doesn’t appear in that list today and never does. I have ways of handling that particular issue, but if I want to look for a tag at random, say, “Bush gaffe,” wouldn’t it be handy to search for it directly?

    This question applies also to the parallel Forum thread I started called “Tag Search, please.”



    I’ve added the cross reference thread link



    Funny, I thought this would be more popular.



    In the past Dr Mike has suggested just doing a google search if you remember the blog name.



    I use google blog search a lot.



    It makes sense. Some of the other blog sites have a search. It would make things easier.



    Here’s why you will not see blog search here in soon:

    Google have this search thing done pretty well. They should do – it’s their core business. Within an hour of any search ability here someone would say “It’s not as good as Google” – so why compete?
    We do blogs better than they do – and they bought their system.

    I’d say most people use only 1 or 2 words when they search – our tag system can be manipulated to do that.

    If you want to do a search of just this domain, enter
    followed by your search term into Google’s search box. You get the power of Google and just our results. (Yahoo and others have similar methods)

    And another things – search engines are complex bits of code that take a lot of time. New features or Search? I’d say the majority of people would like other new features.

    I already get “Why isn’t my blog in Google” when they created a blog yesterday, or “Why aren’t I on page 1 of Google any more” when I have nothing at all to do with them. An internal search engine could only encourage gaming.

    There really isn’t anything to be gained by us adding a search.



    Well, there you go. That’s how forums work. You ask a question; you get an intelligent answer.

    Thanks, Mark. I appreciate the tip about limiting the scope of a Google search.



    it would be great to have google search button on each blog. it will make a lot easier and faster.




    Why would it be great? Google is known for not indexing a site completely around here while the current search is pulling straight from the database.



    Google search is never complete. they want to give you the most site as possible, but if you try to look threw you’re own blog. You don’t find everything. For this I still need to have a better search machine.
    Google got great stuff, but not always the best ;) Thats my opion.

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