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  1. I am having difficulty setting up WordPress for the purposes that I would like to use it; mainly because I am unfamiliar with how WordPress works.

    My goal is to set up a blog on my own server using the WordPress framework.
    1. I would to be able to fully customize the appearance of that blog.
    2. I would like to be able to edit that blog through the WordPress control panel.

    Is it even possible for me to do these two things? If so, please continue.

    I have set up a MySQL database and installed the WordPress files through an automatic application install provided by (my host). So I now have a directory on my server with the WordPress application files installed. With that accomplished, how the heck do I edit the website? I do not know what the next step is from here.

  2. This isn't the right forum for your self-hosted support needs. You want to contact the folks over at

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