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Blog showing up in search engines

  1. I selected the privacy of my blog to NOT show up in search engine results, yet i started noticing that I have stats for "Top Searches".. and when I tried it myself, my blog DOES show up. How do i fix this? Not a HUGE deal, but I'd prefer it not to be searchable...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I did a search on the blog linked to your name and - the search results where your blog does show up are the results of others linking to your blog or mentioning your blog in theirs. You are set to block search engines and all Google has is one entry for your home page. The search engines are blocked from your site but not from sites that mention yours (or if you commented on other sites and left your URL).
    ( searched on site: )

  3. @lostwithsawyer
    In order not to have anything related to your blog show up in Google or other search engine results you have to have the co-operation of your readers. If they link to your blog or any posts or pages in the blog or if they share the URLs with anyone else who does that will appear in the SERPS.

  4. Thanks all! It wasn't a HUGE deal.. was just wondering where it was pulling from. Didn't think about links from other blogs!

  5. You're welcome from me.

  6. You be welcome -

    If you want a bit of a shock - be watching the stats and watching your regular name come up as what someone had put into Google - Was a shock the first time I watched it.

    Good luck with your site

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